Community leaders have voiced their disappointment that nursing beds at the Penrhos Polish Home, Llanbedrog will be removed sooner than expected, accusing the Welsh Labour government of failing to find the necessary funding to maintain the short-term provision of care.    


The number of residents at the nursing unit has fallen dramatically over recent months since the decision was taken earlier this year to close the unit in 2021.  

Community leaders and campaigners have been lobbying to retain nursing beds at the site whilst plans are being drawn up for a new care facility.   

Health Campaigner Mabon ap Gwynfor said,     

'We are told that there are exciting plans in the pipeline to develop the Polish Village as a centre of excellence, and to ensure that the residents of Pen Llŷn have a facility suitable for their needs.'  

'I look forward to seeing these plans develop and working with all partner organisations to ensure that these are delivered.'   

'However, it is a matter of great regret that the Welsh government failed to deliver the necessary funding to plug the gap between now and realising the new development.' 

'This failure has resulted in several vulnerable and elderly residents having to relocate to a new home and get accustomed to new surroundings and personnel. It has also impacted staff at Penrhos at an extremely difficult time for all.'   

'The guiding principle behind any future development must be patient care, and the need to keep loved ones physically close to their families.' 

Liz Saville Roberts MP said,   

‘There is no sugar-coating the disappointment at the closure of the nursing unit at the Penrhos Home, following what has been a lengthy and determined campaign to retain nursing bed provision on the Llŷn.’    

‘The Welsh government should have tried harder to work with Gwynedd Council, the Health Board and Clwyd Alyn to ensure that stop-gap funding was provided to retain short-term nursing provision, and I'm saddened for those residents that are having to move against their wishes.’   

'I hope that sufficient and immediate support is forthcoming to help those staff members who now face losing their jobs look for alternative, local employment. Every effort must be made to support the staff through this difficult period.’ 

‘Whilst the loss of nursing beds is a real blow, I welcome collaboration between Clwyd Alyn, Gwynedd Council and BCUHB to develop new, high-quality homes on the site, alongside building a business case for a new care home.’    

'I will be following developments very closely over the coming months to ensure the needs of patients and their families are at the heart of the decision-making process.’   

Councillor Angela Russell added,  

‘I am bitterly disappointed that the nursing unit will have to close early. We are in the middle of a public health crisis, and the timing could not have been worse.’  

‘I feel that the staff, residents, and the local community have been let down by the Welsh Government's failure to provide short term funding for the nursing unit.’  

‘I am, however, relieved that Clwyd Alyn have stepped in to save the sheltered accommodation and that these houses have been saved for the community and the residents.’  

‘The challenge for us now is to ensure that the needs of Pen Llŷn communities are met, and I will work with the partner organisations as they put together a plan for new services.’ 

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