Superfast Broadband Petition

Superfast broadband (at least 25 mbps) is now one of life's essentials: for work, studying, receiving online services and leisure. 

Unfortunately, Dwyfor Meirionnydd is amongst the worst served areas throughout the UK for superfast broadband. 

If we are to strengthen the rural and coastal economy then we must have effective and comprehensive superfast broadband. Like water and electricity, superfast broadband is essential in this day and age.

We call on the Welsh and UK Governments to ensure that superfast broadband reaches every household and that no-one is left behind.

Who's signing

Ronald Marshall
Kevin Clare
Arthur jones Owen
Nia Heledd Jones
John Bisby
Phillip Humphreys
Brenda Towse
Linda Pennington
Steffan Rhys John
William Llyr Hughes
Graham Palmer
Sheila McKay
Neil Champion
Paul Fenton
Ian Lawrenson
John Witcomb
Owenna Hughes
Peter Lane
Tim Dunne
Louise Courtnage
Nick Ashbee
Phil Maher
Lorraine Hewitt
Natalie Hulme Leach
Rosie Littler
Alex Smith
Neil Work
John Orkney-Work
Jan Okeeffe
Richard Jones
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  • Ronald Marshall
    signed 2022-06-16 14:24:57 +0100
  • Kevin Clare
    signed 2021-03-24 20:26:49 +0000
  • Arthur jones Owen
    signed 2021-03-23 21:46:45 +0000
  • Nia Heledd Jones
    signed 2021-03-23 19:03:57 +0000
  • John Bisby
    signed 2021-03-23 18:59:25 +0000
    I’ve been self employed for 5 years and am constantly hindered by slow broadband. My future earnings are dependent on fast broadband
  • Phillip Humphreys
    signed 2021-03-23 15:59:15 +0000
    A fully working broadband would be a good start let alone super fast broadband,
  • Brenda Towse
    signed 2021-03-23 13:20:07 +0000
  • Linda Pennington
    signed 2021-03-23 12:07:48 +0000
  • Steffan Rhys John
    signed 2021-03-19 20:20:25 +0000
  • William Llyr Hughes
    signed 2021-03-19 17:11:52 +0000
  • Graham Palmer
    signed 2021-03-18 18:20:34 +0000
    I am pleased to support this petition as the broadband provision to our village (Brithdir, near Dolgellau) is appallingly slow which at times directly affects our business of local bookkeepers and accountants, particularly in these difficult times when face-to-face meetings are not possible and a greater reliance has to be placed on an effective and reliable broadband service.
  • Sheila McKay
    signed 2021-03-16 18:02:38 +0000
  • Neil Champion
    signed 2021-03-15 09:22:56 +0000
  • Paul Fenton
    signed 2021-03-14 21:29:31 +0000
  • Ian Lawrenson
    signed 2021-03-13 18:53:53 +0000
    I have business interests in the North Wales area which have been badly affected by poor broadband
  • John Witcomb
    signed 2021-03-12 20:08:22 +0000
  • Owenna Hughes
    signed 2021-03-12 16:46:30 +0000
    Prisiau a safon yn warthus,manteisio ar bobol mewn ardaloedd gwledig lle nad oes cystadleuaeth!
  • Peter Lane
    signed 2021-03-11 21:58:48 +0000
    We are served by an old overhead telephone wire which is continually being damaged by the weather. We’ve been told by Openreach engineers that it needs upgrading, but we only ever get temporary fixes.
  • Tim Dunne
    signed 2021-03-11 17:17:04 +0000
    Our average speed is usually well below the 1mps we are ‘guaranteed’ and often gets as low as 0.03mps!
  • Louise Courtnage
    signed 2021-03-11 10:55:40 +0000
  • Nick Ashbee
    signed 2021-03-11 10:17:45 +0000
  • Phil Maher
    signed 2021-03-11 08:46:28 +0000
  • Lorraine Hewitt
    signed 2021-03-10 20:34:04 +0000
  • Natalie Hulme Leach
    signed 2021-03-10 20:28:54 +0000
  • Rosie Littler
    signed 2021-03-10 20:28:04 +0000
  • Alex Smith
    signed 2021-03-10 19:53:14 +0000
  • Neil Work
    signed 2021-03-10 18:19:30 +0000
  • John Orkney-Work
    signed 2021-03-10 17:18:22 +0000
    I have recently had a new broadband connection installed at Ty Mawr through BT (about 6 weeks ago) and right from the beginning the broadband has not worked at all. I’m still having to pay for the “service” even though it is not working! They want to fix it but I have to be at the property before they will try, but it is COVID lockdown and I’m working in a different place of the country. BT have also placed a black mark on my credit file for non-payment of the bill, despite them not setting up a direct debit from me properly and that I have never had any broadband since it was installed.

    My other farm, Clogwyn , has had BT broadband since 2016 on the old copper wires and speeds are typically 0.4mb with daily outages. I still pay full price. I have lost hundreds of pounds in revenue from the broadband failure over weeks not monitoring an on site hydro electric scheme that must be monitored 24 hours a day.
  • Jan Okeeffe
    signed 2021-03-10 13:26:31 +0000
  • Richard Jones
    signed 2021-03-09 20:56:58 +0000

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