Welcome investment to improve children’s safety outside Ysgol Tanygrisiau

Gwynedd Councillor for Tanygrisiau, Annwen Daniels is delighted to hear that a campaign to improve safety for pupils at the school's main entrance has come to fruition.

For two years, the County Councillor who represents Bowydd, Rhiw and Tanygrisiau has been pressing for financial support to help the school improve access to the site, so that there is less risk for primary school pupils stepping out on to the road when leaving school at the end of the day.


"It's been a problem I've been discussing since my election as a County Councillor," explains the Councillor who has school aged children herself.

“The problem is that the school is situated on a single lane road. In addition, cars park outside the school, despite the double yellow lanes, when picking up pupils, which adds to the concern we have for the safety of children at the entrance at the end of the school day. We are aware that there is a risk a child could step out on to the road due to the nature of the school entrance.

“But I am delighted to hear that money has now been allocated to Gwynedd Council from the Welsh Government's Active Travel fund to create a new entrance to the school. The school could then close the old access entrance to improve the safety of pupils leaving the school site.

“It is very good news for the village and brings peace of mind to school staff, governors and parents. As the local County Councillor and Chair of Governors at the school, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gwynedd Council officers for their assistance in securing this important investment for the school,” explains Councillor Annwen Daniels.

Gerallt Jones, Head teacher of Ysgol Tanygrisiau, said: “We are delighted to hear that the school is to receive investment to the location. We are grateful to our local Councillor and Gwynedd Council for acting on our behalf, and we look forward to seeing the work completed on site.

“I would also like to urge people again to avoid parking on the double yellow lines outside the school and to use the nearby car park when picking up pupils. We are grateful to everyone for working with us to ensure that the safety of the children remains paramount for the whole school community.”

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