Work begins to restore road leading to Bardsey Island

Work to repair a country lane that leads to Porth Meudwy at Uwchmynydd in Aberdaron has begun in earnest, following small landslides on this important road during the wet autumn last year that leads fishermen, workers and visitors to Bardsey Island.

An investment of £170,000 has been confirmed from the Welsh Government's Economy and Transport Department, thanks to the work of Gwynedd Councillor for the area, Gareth Roberts.

“There was concern and uncertainty regarding who was responsible for this important road - the National Trust, Bardsey Island Trust or Gwynedd Council.

“After discussions with the local Assembly Member and Gwynedd officials, I corresponded with the Welsh Government to seek financial support. I’m delighted that they agreed to support our rural economy here in Gwynedd.

“This location is vital in order that fishermen's vehicles can travel down to the cove with their fishing cages, fuel and necessary equipment to catch crabs and lobsters in the sea.

“Access for vehicles to carry goods and resources needed for visitors, workers and farmers travelling by boat to Bardsey Island are also crucial. And with the tourist season looming, this is the area where the boat lands to pick up the thousands of day visitors who travel to the island during the year.

“Five fishermen from Llŷn are dependent on the income they earn from working the sea at this location, so it is very good news that the repair work has begun.”


Heavy rain and flooding in November last year caused the landslides and damage to the road, and the sea was only accessible by foot before Christmas. After specialist officials assessed the location, a closure was put on the road, and concerns were raised regarding the financial investment needed to repair the road.


Councillor Gareth Roberts continued: “There will be some inconvenience in the vicinity as the contractors work on the site, but this will be a short term issue. Once the road at Porth Meudwy has been repaired, people will again be able to travel to Bardsey to live, work, visit and stay.


“The island is a wonderful place and provides a haven for agriculture, fishing, wildlife conservation, heritage and tourism. We look forward to seeing the work concluded, and the road open for vehicles to travel safely.”

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