Gwynedd to invest in a Pwllheli arts, community and educational hub

An iconic arts building in Pwllheli will receive over £500,000 investment to benefit residents of Llŷn and the surrounding area, according to Plaid Cymru's cabinet member for communities and economic development on Gwynedd Council, Gareth Thomas this week.

Gwynedd Council's cabinet supported the Councillor's recommendation to invest £570,000 in Neuadd Dwyfor offering an innovative multi-purpose provision to local residents keen to enjoy theatre, cinema and library services.

Following a detailed business case prepared in the last few months between Council officers supported by members of the local community, there is potential to increase the 52,000 users* who visit Neuadd Dwyfor annually, by improving provision on site.

"It's an exciting time for the town of Pwllheli, and for Neuadd Dwyfor," explains Councillor Gareth Thomas.

“After some concerns in recent years regarding funding the town centre resource, I am delighted that a detailed long term plan is in place and a financial investment has been secured to invest in this cultural, educational and community used building.

“Following this decision, we can begin implementing a plan of action to look at re-designing the Library space and investing in new resources, together with creating a toilet that’s more easily accessible. The foyer will be reconfigured and refurbished to create a more welcoming space and a café and bar area will be introduced for attendees to use and enjoy.

“There will also be more comfortable and retractable seating to ensure a flexible space is available for various performances and events to be staged within the theatre. A glass balustrade will also be introduced to the balcony to safeguard the audience and enhance visitors’ experience of watching performances from the seats.

“Of course, the vision we have for Neuadd Dwyfor will require the commitment and full support of the community, as it is, ultimately, their local resource. By improving the services available, it is hoped that local residents will take ownership of the venue and promote the location as a multi-purpose hub which boosts Welsh culture and Welsh-language events in the area.

“It is also an important resource for the thousands of visitors who come to the area throughout the year.

“I'm looking forward to visiting Neuadd Dwyfor in the autumn to see the newly refurbished building,” concluded Cllr Gareth Thomas.

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