Senedd Member pays tribute to Macmillan heroes

Mabon ap Gwynfor MS joined the Macmillan Cancer Support team at the Senedd to mark the charity’s annual Coffee Morning fundraising event.

Macmillan’s annual Coffee Morning usually sees millions of pounds donated to help support people affected by cancer.

The money raised helps fund Macmillan services to make sure people with cancer can get the physical, emotional and financial support they need.

Like so many charities, Macmillan has seen a huge fall in its fundraising income as a direct result of the ongoing impact of Covid-19.

The charity’s flagship Coffee Morning – which is one of the UK’s longest-running fundraising events – is faced with a staggering 71% income drop for the second year running (£20m).

Speaking about his support for the annual fundraising event, Mabon ap Gwynfor MS said: “Macmillan, alongside our NHS and other partners, works tirelessly to do whatever it takes for people with cancer. They are doing so at a time when the disruption caused by Covid-19 means demand for the charity’s services is high, while its income is down.

“I have my personal reasons to support Macmillan as well. The Macmillan nurses, and the family services provided by them, were fantastic as my father fought his cancer over the last three years. Whenever he needed assistance or advice the nurse was available, or indeed whenever one of the family wanted advice they were there for us too. We’ve benefited from these nurses, which is why I agree that we need to see more of them, and will support Macmillan’s endeavours.

“I’m very proud to help support Macmillan’s coffee morning, and to help let people know that this important fundraising event is still going ahead. I would encourage anyone to get involved, and to organise or contribute to a local coffee morning in the way that suits them best.”

Richard Pugh, Head of Services for Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales, said: “We would like to offer (insert name) MS a heartfelt thanks for their support.

“More than 98% of Macmillan’s funding comes directly from donations, and thousands of people could miss out on vital care from our famous nurses without the public's continued support for our Coffee Morning fundraiser.

“It’s no exaggeration to say Macmillan and people with cancer have never needed the public’s help more than we do right now. There is no single or right way to hold a coffee morning – it can be whatever you make it, and it can be held when it suits you best. We really hope people will pull out all the stops to do just that.”

Macmillan’s Coffee Morning this year falls on 24 September but local events can be held throughout the year.

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